Event Planning

We’re here to making your event planning experience organized and simple. Here we’ve pieced together a step-by-step approach to get you organized for planning your event.

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Event Planning Begins with a Goal in Mind

We like to advise our tournament organizers to start planning their tournament with an ultimate goal in mind. Whether its how many players you want to recruit for your tournament or how much money you want to raise, set a goal and build your tournament experience to achieve that goal. Furthermore, it’s easiest to plan your tournament backwards, outlining what needs to be done from the actual day of your event to right now. Planning your event this way will give you weekly goals, monthly goals and day of event execution goals that make tracking your progress easy. Click here to visit our blog post, “Establishing Your Golf Tournament Planning Timeline.

Make an Event Planning Task List

There’s simply no better way to make a large project manageable than to break it apart into smaller, individual tasks. In fact, we’ve already done that for you! We have a complete library of downloadable documents and task lists that encompass the golf event planning experience. Take a spin through the Golf Digest Planner Resource Center to find tasks lists, sample pairing templates and much more to help you organize your tournament planning.

Focus on Making Your Event Fun for Players

Event planning is about building a memorable experience for your event attendees. In this case, above all things, golf event planning is about creating a fun golf event. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, ‘isn’t golf fun all by itself’?. The short answer is, of course! However, when you’re planning a golf tournament, players are going to expect an experience that might include a souvenir, contests and the spirit of friendly competition. Click here to check out our blog post, “Why Some Golf Events are More Successful Than Others.

Planning Your Golf Event Contests

Closest to the pin, longest drive, hole in one, or cash shootouts, golf contests are a great way to get players excited about your golf event and GolfDigestPlanner.com has everything you need to create and execute a professional contest at your event.

Want to know more about golf tournament contests, take a look here;  you’ll get excited about all the possibilities.

Make Your Golf Event Look Organized and Professional

Anyone can hit the links for a quick round of golf with friends, when you plan your event you want it to look as good as your effort. Custom hole signs, event banners and any other kind of display work you need for your tournament, we’ve got it. Learn more about golf event signs and banners here  or just visit the Golf Digest Tournament Shop and get started.

Golf Event Souvenirs

Memories are what makes life and while the cause, and maybe the competition, brings your players out, it will be the memories that bring them back. Discover all the ways you can help your players remember the great time they had at your tournament in the Golf Digest Tournament Shop