Golf Event Signs and Banners 

It may sound silly, but signs and banners are a critical element to any successful golf event. Whether you’re pleasing your sponsor or exciting your players, signs for all the different elements of your event bring that professional look and feel to your tournament. But just how many, and for what parts of your tournament, do you need signs or b
anners? It all depends, but each element of your event probably needs some signage. No matter how many signs, different sizes or types you need, Golf Digest Planner has you covered. In the Golf Digest Tournament Shop you’ll find every kind of customized sign or banner you may need.

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Before you place an order, consider all the different signs and banners you may need. Here’s a list of possibilities for you to consider:

Welcome Banner
You’ll need a welcome banner at both the entrance to the golf course and where your players will gather before teeing off to introduce them to the event itself and the event’s major sponsors. Your sponsors will want to see their logos displayed prominently. In fact, they will usually want to be assured of this before committing to supporting the event itself. Furthermore, you can then move your banners inside for your awards ceremony. To see a complete selection of banner, go to the Golf Digest Tournament Shop. Click here to visit the Tournament Shop.

Pre-Event Activity Signs
You should have signs for all your pre-event activities (raffle, auction, mulligans, putting contest) and all your on-course activities (long drive, closest to the pin, hole in one prize packages).


Hole-Sponsor Signs
Tournament signs or hole-sponsor signs are displayed in tee boxes on various holes throughout the course and provide recognition for your all-important sponsors. Signs should be customized with the event information and the sponsor’s name.

Directional Signs
Also consider directional signs so players can easily find their way around your event.


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