Golf event fundraising is a challenge. However, there are over 800,000 golf events held in the U.S. every year and they raise, on average, anywhere from $5,000 to $300,000. Golf events are an incredible way to raise awareness and money for your cause, but what really separates a successful golf event from a mediocre one… fundraising. (Get our comprehensive free e-book, Golf Event Contests & Fundraising Activities to help guide you through the most profitable and effective event day activities and sponsored contests.


Golf Event Fundraising Tips

The Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA) has studied the largest events in the U.S.and discovered a number of common elements for creating a golf event that successfully raises funds. Furthermore, Golf Digest Planner has taken a look at our most successful partners and combine those elements with the suggestions from the GTAA and put together these tips to help you plan and execute a golf event that is best designed to raise money for your cause.


Fundraising Starts with Your Fundraising Committee


As much as we’d like to think we’re superheroes, no one can do it all by themselves. A well-connected event committee must be assembled to help you secure larger donations and build relationships that garner sponsors from the business community. Focus on prominent business people in your local area, the movers and shakers of the community to make connections between your event, their friends and their businesses. Assign each member a task of responsibility. Together you will be able to divvy up the work and each committee member can focus on single, marquee tasks like sponsorships, player recruitment, auction items, operations and public relations to name a few.


Combine Your Event with an Auction

You can create a live, silent or even online auction to transpire alongside your golf event. Auctions are fun, usually give your sponsor more opportunities to expose their business and increase your fundraising ability significantly.


Great Golf Courses

There’s no better way to bring prestige and interest to your golf event than finding a local country club and giving your players the opportunity to pay to play a course they wouldn’t normally be able to. Make that club a partner in your event, share the revenue and see the bottom line of your fundraising operation grow significantly.



Big-Sponsors make Great Strategic Partners

Local businesses and even medium to larger companies are always looking for good causes to get behind to get some good press and exposure. Don’t be shy, the worst thing that can happen when you search for major sponsors is to hear a ‘no’. Ask everyone and you may be surprised just how many businesses are willing to help you, donate, sponsor or even offer items for auction.


Be Diligent and Unafraid

There are a lot of ways to improve the fundraising capacity of your golf event, but the most important thing is to stay committed to your cause and unafraid in the face of adversity. Check back with us for more fundraising tips from time to time, we’re always researching and finding new ways to help you improve your golf event.

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