Securing sponsors is challenging enough, but when it comes time to them to sign up for next year, your event sponsor gifts and arrival gifts will play a large role in ensuring both players and sponsors return year after.

Critical to the success of any golf event, let both your players and your sponsors know they’re loved.

Sponsor Gifts Sustain an Impression

All sponsors should receive some form of appreciation. Vary the gift based on the type of sponsorships. Major sponsors should receive a framed print or engraved plaque as a ‘thank you’ gifts – the sponsor feels appreciated and will be loyal to your event when it is time to sign up for next year.

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Review your budget to choose an appropriate sponsor gift.  The gift should have the event name, date, location, sponsor level, and company name.  A popular sponsor gift in the past few years has been a custom framed work of golf art with personalized plates.  A framed picture is always a nice fit for the office wall and something your sponsors will be proud to display after the event.  A displayable gift gives your event more exposure.  Sponsors will view their gift and think about your event long after event day.  In addition, potential new participants who see the item hanging on a wall may inquire about next year’s event.  Now your gift has recognized the sponsor and proved to be a discussion point for your event to other potential sponsors.

Arrival Gifts Keep Players Coming Back

Golfers will also remember the arrival gifts you give long after your tournament is over.  Many participants will choose what golf events they play in based on the gifts they receive.  The most important thing is to give golfers practical gifts that they will use and display.  Giving gifts helps to promote your event to golfers who did not attend, and serves as an additional reminder for next year.  Sponsors will pay for arrival gifts with their logo on them in order to increase their exposure.  These savings will add to your profits.

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