When Should You Prepare for Your Next Golf Outing?

longest drive compChances are that if you are considering your next golf outing, that you already successfully had your first one. The next steps are crucial because you will essentially be applying everything you learned from the previous event and working to improve on the overall experience. Remember, planning for your next golf event starts the day after your most recent one ends.

You will need to start thinking ahead so less stress is involved in the long run. Here is a list of things you will want to consider when preparing for your next golf outing

  1. Survey your participants to see how their overall experience was. You will want to know what areas they would like to see improvement and how they can sign up for next year.
  2. Acknowledge and thank each of the sponsors involved in the event. You want to make sure they know how much you appreciate their partnership and that they are more than welcome to get involved again next time.
  3. Send out thank you cards to everyone that participated, helped organize, or was involved in the overall planning process. Small gestures like these can help build your relationships with the golf courses and general organizers for future events.
  4. Make sure that you send tax receipts to players and sponsors so they know the deduction amount for their tax returns. This will help to decrease frantic phone calls come tax season. By just sending out a tax receipt, you were separate yourself from half of the other tournaments because rarely does anyone go that extra mile to help the people that were involved in the event or tournament.
  5. A big step in preparing for next years event, is to simply just setup your website for the next event. By creating this webpage, it serves as a “Save the Date” for everyone who participated or is going to participate.
  6. If you had a very successful event, then share the news with your friends, family, colleagues, and general public. We live in a digital age where all news can be spread out among so many different places. With social media as popular as it is, we have the opportunity to share our experiences through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Press releases also work as a great tool if you are trying to detail the amount raised in the event and if you would like to mention any big contributors or large influences on the event.

If you planned your event with us then you already know how the process works. You just go back to your registrar page and start planning your event as you did before. If you lost it, here is the link to help get our event planning going: Golf Digest Event Planner

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