Address Common Golf Problems with These Two Exercises

golf-swingThe game of golf is not an easy one and the last thing any of us need is another reason why our swing isn’t on point. Your swing may be doomed from the start because of something as simple as your posture. As we get older, this isn’t something that we think about on a normal basis. Growing up we were always told that we need to sit up straight and keep our heads up.

Chances are that your posture could use some work. There is a good chance that this issue isn’t your fault. Lifestyles and gravity lead to poor posture. The older we get the more this affects us and if you are stuck at a desk job or a long commute, then you could also be affected by this. Luckily there are ways of improving your posture so it does not affect your performance on the golf course. If you really want that hole in one that you have been aiming towards, then take a look at our solutions below.

Follow this link to watch a video demonstration of the two exercises.

Two Exercises in One Video

A Bosu Fitness ball can help battle the posture issue at hand while strengthening key rotators in the golf swing, oblique’s, and rectus abdominus muscles. While adding these to your workout, you should see a physical improvement. Also, you will want to remember to sit up straight, stand tall, pinch the shoulder blades, and keep your chin tucked as you can.

Kyphosis is a condition that refers to the abnormally curving of a spin. It can cause an exaggerated forward rounding of the back as well. This is where your golf swing can be skewed. You can improve your swing by working on your core muscles. Once you have your swing down, there shouldn’t be anything standing in your way when it comes to dominating on the golf course.

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