Why Hole in One’s Always Win

One of the decisions tournament organizers have difficulty making is deciding which contests to have at their event. We have already discussed why guaranteed prize contests such as longest drive and closest to the pin are great for your event. However, a traditional hole in one contest will always be a top-runner on the golf tournament contest list, and this article will discuss the many reasons it remains a timeless crowd favorite.

In a typical hole in one contest package, event organizers are provided with three bonus prizes and one grand prize for a total of four par 3 holes on the course. These grand prizes can be anything from a new car to $15,000 cash.  The setup of the contest is that every player in the tournament gets a chance to shoot on these holes through the course of the tournament, and anyone who gets a hole in one wins the prize on that hole. That means that, hypothetically, anyone and everyone can win the prize.

So what are the benefits to having a hole in one at your tournament? Well, the most obvious answer is, constant fun and entertainment. A hole in one contest is a day-long activity, and everyone gets a chance to play and win. There is also a chance on not just one hole, but four, so the entire day is sprinkled with opportunities to win a great prize. This constant fun and excitement is reason enough for people to consider a hole in one contest for the event.

Another benefit of having a hole in one is that it gives you something to market your tournament around. A nice vacation grand prize makes a great backdrop to a tournament flyer or poster sign, and gives people something to remember when they think about your event. Hole in one contests aren’t as much about winning as they are about adding a glamorous talking point to your event that gets people focused on something fun and adds highlights to the otherwise monotonous par 3 courses.

Finally, hole in ones have somewhat come to be expected at most golf tournaments.  The fact of the matter is, hole in ones DO happen (we have a long list of winners to prove it!), and it is nice to reward your winners when they do make that impressive shot.  Hole in one contests are directly incorporated into the entire tournament experience, making it an essential component of long standing, high end golf tournaments. Though beginning tournament organizers may feel the desire to sidestep hole in one’s because of their “official” rules and regulations, these rules, such as witness and yardage requirements, actually add to the excitement of a hole in one, and are an important aspect of the “tournament feel” for many seasoned players. If you are considering a hole in one at your tournament, check out our long list of hole in one packages at http://www.golfdigesttournamentshop.com/categories/Hole-in-One-Prize-Packages/ , or give us a call at 248-522-0285.

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