Organizing Player Registration: Keeping Track of Players at Your Golf Event

When you are beginning to receive registrations, it will be important that you keep your players and teams organized. If you use the Golf Digest Planner, the system will automatically track online registrations. In addition, you can add players that register offline so you have everyone in a single database. You can also use the records on Golf Digest Planner to compare your final player registration number with the goal set by your committee before the event in order to see how close you were to your goal.

Organizing player registration is an extremely important thing to do a few days before the event. You should print out two lists:

  1. Your pairings list. The pairings list organizes all the golfers according to hole number.  This list is helpful for volunteers to direct golfers to their designated hole at registration. You can also use the list to organize nametags and player gifts into foursome bundles. You can find this list on by going to the “Players” tab and clicking on “Pairings List.”
  2. Your alpha list. The alpha list is the official list of all the players in alphabetical order. It should be given to the golf course prior to event day.  The golf course will use the alpha list at the bag drop to make sure each golfer’s bag is put on the correct golf cart.  The alpha list can also be used at registration to check in golfers. You can find this list on by going to the “Players” tab and clicking on “Alpha List.”

Golf Digest Planner will automatically send an e-mail to each golfer with their hole assignment in advance, but you should have extra copies of the pairing list for your volunteers at registration so they can help any golfers who don’t know where to go.

Use these two lists to keep yourself and your volunteers organized on event day.  You should also print out a list of your sponsors if you do not have them memorized. Having your lists hole-punched and organized into a binder will keep you calm and collected on the big day, and keep you knowing where your players should be.


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