Hole-in-one contests are the kind of golf event experience your players are never going to forget. And you’ll be surprised just how affordable it can be to have your players compete for a car or exotic vacation. And if someone happens to win, the prize is on us! Here’s a rundown of how it all works.

How do Hole-in-One Contests Work

Some people call it hole-in-one insurance, some call it hole-in-one prize guarantee. No matter what you call it, it simply means that you, as the golf tournament planner, pay a smaller up front fee to have the hole-in-one contest at your event and if somebody wins, we pay to make sure they get the prize. Just like car insurance, the bigger the prize, the more it will cost to guarantee it.

How will a Hole-in-One Contest Help My Golf Tournament

The thrill of of winning is what brings players to your golf event. Sometimes the friendly competition of a fouresome is enough, but if you really want to get people excited, have them take a single shot to win a car! Hole-in-one and other kinds of prize based contests are a great way to attract more players to your event. Make the contests part of your effort to get the word out about your golf event and you’ll find the interest level increases significantly.

What Can My Players Compete for in a Hole-in-One Contest?

The short answer, almost anything! Your golfers can take the hole-in-one challenge for anything from cars and cruises, to skydiving experiences and cash up to $1 million! If you want to see all the hole-in-one prize pacakages we offer, just visit our hole-in-one center in the Golf Digest Tournament Shop.

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