With Golf Digest Planner, you have 3 payment processing options. The first option is using your own account to process transactions. This can be a  a PayPal Business Account or merchant account. You can set up your payment processing so that all funds go directly into your bank account with NO processing fees from us. Attendees can pay online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. (If you would like to use this option, but do not have a Paypal Business account, you can easily set it up for free at

If you do not have your own account and would like to use our online payment processing system, you can process your transactions through Golf Digest Planners account. With this option, there is a 4.9% processing fee per credit card transaction which covers all credit card fees and transfer fees. The fee is a bit higher than normal credit card fees because we have to collect funds and then transfer them to you – all in a secure manner using

With this option, as the funds are received, you will see the amount on your event summary page. Whenever funds are available, a “Pay Me Now” button will appear. You will then click on the “Pay Me Now” button, enter your bank information and funds are transferred to you via a secure bank-to-bank ACH transfer. The transfer will take 2-5 business days depending on your bank. You will see details of all transactions under the reporting section. There are no other fees.

The third option is invoicing. You can provide the invoicing option even if you also have one of the credit card processing options above, or you can just do invoicing. With invoicing, you will send an invoice to your registrants and they will send you a check. Then, you can manually mark them as paid in your system.

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