10 Things You will learn when Playing Golf in The Fall

1. Mistaking a leaf for your ball and becoming very frustrated.

2. It can be quite cold outside and you will need to put on and take off many layers of clothes.

3. A friend that “plays the leaf rule” and drops the ball wherever they feel like with no penalty.

4. Plenty of tee times are available after 3PM because it gets dark so soon.

5. You get a few extra swings in by hitting nuts and apples from trees. Extra practice never hurts!

6. Having no windshields on your golf cart can be rough on a windy day.

7. Unexpected frost delays will make you angry on those early days. More time will be spent in the clubhouse drinking coffee or other thermal beverages.

8. A round of golf doesn’t cost as much during this time because most people are done golfing for the year.

9. Courses are less crowded because of the weather, which means you dedicated golfers can enjoy and embrace fast play.

10. Trying out new clubs because there are so many clubs and sales going on.




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